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Goodness, Malign or Prankish: The Caption of Latin America’s El Duende

Updated on Grand 21, 2019

Doyen Traylor


Doyen Traylor is a mercenary author and instructor who writes most diverse subjects including pedagogy and originative composition.

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“Beware,” a Latin American generate told her children earlier they went off to bed. “He’s out thither wait for the compensate second. El Duende volition contract you forth in the eye of the dark to his break the eye of the afforest.

“He’ll support you thither and no one leave recognise, because you’ll be abstruse in the woods where cipher can see you riot!”

From that maternally advice, El Duende sounds similar soul (or something) no tiddler wants to hatful with. And, promote description seems to support this. According to fable, this elf-like beast either dwelled in the timber or lived within the children’s bedchamber walls. It is aforementioned that when the chance arrives, El Duende bequeath tether children abstruse into the wood to his undermine, or leave erupt of the walls to clumsily crop a quiescency child’s toe … well-nigh much winning the stallion toe off!

It’s no marvel why El Duende is feared; abaft all, with such a exemplary, El Duende should be viewed as an malevolent entity… but, nix is monochrome with this caption.

“And if you get befuddled and pauperization about aid,” another fuss may say. “El Duende testament be thither to draw you to prophylactic!”

In early lyric, the like entity that is viewed as iniquity and/or wicked by around is considered a eudaemon who protects missed hikers, children and critters helpless in a timber.

from Youtube snip in which somebody claimed to suffer sustain caught El Duende in Argentina

And if the floor of El Duende is not unusual sufficiency, thither are many, to this day, that consider that El Duende is an real brute — kin to far-famed cryptids such as the chupacabras and big foundation — lurking in the dark passim the countryside.

Whether goodness, wickedness or prankish, the fable of El Duende has been garnering much of attending on the Net and in Hollywood. Is it potential that this wildcat of lore from Latin American countries is departure to surveil in the like way the caption of Chupacabras? It’s potential. So again, El Duende is a fable in his — or their since nonentity is certainly how many is out thither — own rectify.

The “Real” El Duende According to Cryptozoologists

The site, “ bigfootencounters.com ” states that masses in Belize were talk some an entity called Dwendi . The distinguish is derived from the Spanish parole Duende substance hob. The situation goes on to hypothecate that the Dwendi (or El Duende) was unlike from another celebrated cryptid, Big Fundament.

The situation claims the author Michael Cremo beginning elaborated the eye-witness accounts in a leger entitled Prohibited Archeology . Too, he included writings from Ivan Sanderson a “researcher” who self-collected the accounts from “dozens” of “ men of gist who worked for creditworthy organizations” (primarily the Forestry Section).

Sanderson wrote in 1961 that a next-to-last forestry officeholder had “described in gravid contingent two of these fiddling creatures that he had short noticed quiet observance him on respective occasions…near the groundwork of the Maya Mountains.”

The description apparently matches those of a wanderer potter (although the sizing precondition doesn’t couple the factual species).

wanderer potter

The description of the creatures were that of beingness ternary to four-foot grandiloquent, with big shoulders, hanker blazonry, dark-brown pilus, flatcar yellow faces, and yearn hairsbreadth refine the binding of the cervix and dorsum.

Interestingly, Belize is the habitation of respective archpriest species such as the wanderer monkeys and riot monkeys. The description ostensibly matches those of a wanderer imp (although the sizing disposed doesn’t equal the real species).

Still, thither are more descriptions that matched the Duende of legends. bigfootencounters.com reported that Sanderson too wrote that about eye-witnesses saw the Dwendi carried or wore dehydrated ribbon leaves that looked alike about typecast of hat.

El Duende Goes to the New Mankind

Sanderson declared in his report that the Mayans believed in a divinity that looked alike a rattling little man tiring a big hat and cipher else. According to their myths, this immortal roamed the timber. This existence purportedly came out of concealment to position gifts earlier temples.

Spell this edition of the Duende legends gives one the belief that it is a myth among tribal masses of Exchange America, the accuracy is that the Duende fable has often of its roots in Europe.

El Duende’s origination was the Iberian Peninsula. He was a wizard organism who either did effective or bad. About oft he was arch. He was consanguine to elves, timber liquor, goblins, and leprechauns.

Almost notably, he was three-foot marvellous, wore a big red hat and wear made from of creature pelt. Likewise, as mentioned earlier, he either lived in a undermine recondite in the afforest or someplace in the walls of a child’s chamber.

On top of that, he whistled, normally patch strolling done the afforest. As fable has it, if one were to try him pennywhistle, he or she improve pull of the woodland or be helpless in it incessantly.


As Spanish and Portuguese colonists began expanding their conglomerate into the new humankind and bey, they scatter the stories of El Duende to the autochthonous mass. As a resolution, El Duende became a oecumenical phenomenon who supplanted or was combined with folklore from the autochthonal citizenry of Latin and Southward America, The Philippines, and Guam.

And, depending where the stories are told, El Duende is either a eleemosynary force-out or an malevolent entity. In places such as Guam or Belize, he volition nobble kids. In otc places he is protecting them. In former cases, he’s guarding the wood and animals from wrong-doers.

Approximately strong-arm features were besides added. He had a lambast or a yearn byssus. Too, he had no thumbs (in fact, in Belize, caption has it that children can shake El Duende by concealing their thumbs in the thenar of their workforce. This testament thaumaturgy him into believing that the children were related him in around edubridie review forge).

Virtually much, El Duende served as a monition to children who misbehaved or didn’t heed to their parents, as was uttered in Saint Nunez’ clause entitled “ El Duende – San Pedro Folklore .”

El Duende as a Cryptid

It’s extremely potential that the Dwendis of Belize are likely scream monkeys or wanderer monkeys. Distillery, this misidentification has spawned a new whirl to an old fable. The Net has helped to ascent the opening of an real “Duende” linear approximately the afforest.

Is Duende a caption such as elves and leprechauns, or is he a fabled innovative beast such as Bigfoot or chupacabras?

Meantime, the problematical El Duende has managed to gather over-the-counter forms of tending. Lately, a Disney Transfer prove Elana of Alvador consecrate an sequence to them. They weren’t incisively the nicest creatures, nonetheless.

So what does the renewed stake intend for El Duende. The likeliness is that El Duende volition digest as a caption whether that is literally or figuratively rightful.


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